How to take care of sensitive skin?

Good question and probably the hardest of all when it comes to skin care.

Since my teenage years I have been struggling with my extremely sensitive skin. I often have dry patches, which are itchy and even painful at times. My skin gets so dry that starts to peel off or bleed.

And because my skin is so sensitive this also makes her very vulnerable to the environment conditions.  All of this leads to slow healing, acne prone, dry, dehydrated skin.

Here I will explain my skin care routine and how I managed to keep my sensitive skin under control.


Every morning before work I take a shower and follow very simple, but effective skin care routine.


While I’m under the shower I wash my face with LAROCHE-POSAY CLEANSING MICELLAR FOAMING WATER for sensitive skin.
This is gentle micellar water that when shaked forms into a foam. It’s good for both cleaning your make-up or as a basic washing foam.
I prefer to use this on make-up free face as part of my hygiene routine.
When using this foam  apply with your fingertips to the whole face.  Gently massage, then rinse. Avoid eye area.


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Bourjois rouge edition 12h lipstick – review

Hello, my lovely sinners! For today’s beauty sin I will talk about Bourjois rouge edition 12h lipstick in color 31 Beige shooting.

Bourjois rouge edition 12h lipstick in color 31 Beige shooting

But how to choose the perfect nude lipstick?

When choosing a nude lipstick you should consider a couple of things:

Your skin color

  • Very light to fair skin tone

If you have very light to fair skin color, than you will definitely want to avoid too light yellow toned nude lipsticks. Go for the pinky toned ones.


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Hey guys,

I am very happy to announce that my blog moved to it’s own domain! is the place to find beauty, fashion and style tips, reviews, tutorials, photography articles and much more.

Check out my recent post on How to take care of sensitive skin or about my  Schönbrunn Palace experience.

I hope you like it!

Happy blogging! :*


Overthinking, feeling and other mental disorders

Last night I couldn’t sleep and started analyzing my life, decisions, different situations I’ve been to, missed opportunities – exactly what you “should be doing” in 4 am.

I call it full soul dissection.

Imagine me lying in bed thinking, regretting, thinking, regretting, finding excuses…
Then a sudden thought popped in my head “Am I destroying myself?”


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Review of H&M Smoky Eyeshadows palette + Bonus mini review

H&M Smoky Eyeshadows in Purple shades

H&M Smoky Eyeshadows in Purple shades

Hello again with yet another H&M cosmetics review. This time I will talk about H&M’s Smoky eyeshadows palette, which come in different color shades. They also had awesome nudes which tempted me much, but because I already have nude eyeshadow palette I decided to try the smoky one with purple shades.
Just to tell you a secret I think that a girl can’t have enough nude eyeshadow shades in her life, am I right? 😀

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One Saturday morning

So here I am drinking my coffee and thinking how much work I have to do.
It’s one of those days that you have so much work to do that you even don’t want to start.

You just want to get back into bed, watch your favorite show and then sleep for the rest of the day. The sad truth is that if you don’t do your work, there’s no one that will do it for you.

But dreams don’t happen by themselves, you have to work for them.

So here I end my post and start working.

Bye guys and stay motivated!

xoxo Yanna